Princess African Hair Braiding was founded by a young, talented lady called Jojo. At Princess African Hair Braiding, customer service is our number 1 priority and we strive at attaining a high customer satisfaction rating. At Princess African Hair Braiding, we have our own specialty and we deliver a masterpiece on your hair. 


Due to the different cultural beliefs and way of dressing, we have the option of customized braiding for our clients as per the braider’s discretion. 

Jojo started braiding hair at an early stage in her life because it was her passion. At age 15, Jojo decided to explore how to turn her passion into a business and she started braiding hair for the people in the Baton Rouge region. Jojo developed her hair braiding talents in conjunction with her academic goals, helping her sister-in law on weekends and whenever she was on vacation. 

Jojo currently has over 12 years of hair braiding experience under her belt and never stops learning and improving in the field. She visits Togo, her homeland often, to learn new trends and styles and tries to blend it into the American culture. She knows hair and she does it with a passion. Contact us to find out more about Jojo.

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